izcore. (__contagious) wrote in palaceparasites,

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I was banned for twenty-four hours from Avatar Palace for saying the handle "skank butthole" offended me. I'm having convulsive fits from not being on palace. I hate Holly.

But I think I love you all. :O
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Thats cool and all to have hate for Avatar Palace. I'm way with you on that. But you can't be here, this place is only for a group of our own retarded selves. EVERYONE BEAT HER TO DEATH.
On a side note, I love how you're only 13, you lost your virginity, you're already coming up with 15 year old lame ass insults and getting banned from palace oh and the number one thing. Your LJ is friends only and you're only 13? Ya think your life is too cool for the rest of us eh?

Oh yes, full of hate.
Eh, okay.

But I'm...still a virgin? Yes.
No you're not. Don't be in denial.
Whatever you say.


August 26 2004, 22:54:21 UTC 13 years ago